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The Tombstone of San Cumiano. Conserved in the Museum of the Abbey of San Colombano in Bobbio (PC), contains the epitaph of Cumiano, who died in 661, the Scottish bishop and fifth abbot of the monastery founded by the great Irish saint, co-patron of Europe. The work, another absolute sculptural masterpiece from the Lombard era, was built by order of King Liutprand and boasts admirable refined workmanship. The central Latin engraving is enclosed by a double frame and geometric motifs (a series of crosses) and plant motifs (vines) made in bas-relief and dense with symbolic and allegoric meaning. The accompanying Commentary was produced with the scientific coordination of Flavio Nuvolone.

lapide di san cumiano

Reproductions by CAPSA Ars Scriptoria

The reproductions produced by CAPSA Ars Scriptoria are characterised by the highest quality stone engraving and maximum artisanal care in the finish, to guarantee fidelity to the original in every small detail.

Small scale 1:4.5 stone reproduction of the “San Cumiano Tombstone” which is conserved in Bobbio at the “Museum of the Abbey of San Colombano”.
Dimensions: L mm 19.5 x D mm 20 x H mm 395
The support consists of a two-step structure with a place for an LED light on a pivot for 360 degree rotation.

The limestone used for the “San Cumiano Tombstone” was selected for its characteristics of hardness, compactness and due to the light colour which adjusts to the surface aging treatment.

The reproduction is accompanied by a commentary volume which illustrates its historical and artistic context.


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