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CAPSA Ars Scriptoria is a small publishing house that deals with the creation of facsimiles of ancient medieval manuscripts and, perhaps more unique than rare, the stone reproduction of ancient stone artefacts and sculptural works reproduced on a small scale. CAPSA is a Latin term that indicates a container for books. Our company seeks to be precisely a “container” of manuscripts, knowledge, art and early medieval culture and in particular Lombard culture.

CAPSA is the destination of a long journey of research that has lasted several years to reach the ambitious objective of offering admirers of Early Medieval Books and Culture the UNIQUE reproduction of certain testimonies of exceptional historical, cultural and artistic value in facsimile and in stone of the highest quality production.

The manuscripts are made just like the original in every way, even taking care to return the tactile nature of the parchment by perfectly reproducing the “hair” side and the “flesh” side on special paper. We wanted to push adherence to the original to the extreme, even reproducing the holes and deterioration caused by woodworms and time on the original manuscripts using a laser. Binding was carried out by artisan masters who work daily for the conservation and restoration of the most precious manuscripts in existence, with the same technique and the same materials used for binding the original manuscripts.

Stone artefacts have been made on a small scale 1:4.5 using a type of stone with characteristics suitable for processing in order to ensure perfect reproducibility of the details. We strongly hope that our reproductions can find an important home with you an not only as objects of extraordinary aesthetic value, but above all as testimonies of the historic, artistic and cultural value of our past.


CAPSA Ars Scriptoria


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